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01 ••••• First Responder Technologies

The Challenge

Public security threats are an increasing concern to law enforcement, civilians, and first responders. In most cases of public attacks, first responders must take action after the attack is underway, forcing them to use lethal weapons such as firearms in defense. 

02 ••••• What We Do

Our Solutions

Working in partnership with Rutgers University, Purdue University and the National Institution of Health (NIH), First Responder Technologies is bringing superior threat detection and threat response products to market.

03 ••••• Our Products

Faster to Market, Cost Effective

First Responder’s patent pending WiFi Concealed Weapons Detection Device can detect concealed weapons and explosives faster, more safely than any existing weapons detection device, including Millimeter Wave (MMW) technology.

04 ••••• Investors

Superior Concealed Weapons
Detection And Response

With incidents of attacks on high-traffic public venues on the rise, the implementation of concealed weapons detection solutions has become a necessity for governments, law enforcement, and security agencies.


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