WiFi Concealed Detection Device

First Responder is developing a patent pending concealed weapons detection product, licensed from Rutgers University and developed in Vancouver with the assistance of Misty West:


WiFi based concealed weapons and explosives detection product for use by first responders on laptops and handheld devices.


Body worn mobile detection system which will allow officers to covertly scan and assess subjects for weapons as they approach on foot.

WiFi Detection Device
Allows law enforcement and first responders to prevent and defuse threats to public safety via an automated and highly accurate method of detecting concealed weapons and explosives.
Competitive Advantage
First Responder’s patent pending WiFi Concealed Weapons Detection Device is faster to market and safer than existing Millimeter Wave (MMW) concealed weapons technology.
Faster to Market
First Responder’s patent pending WiFi Detection Device reduces health hazards to civilians and has a less complicated regulatory approval process, as WiFi operates in unlicensed spectrum. It is faster, easier to deploy and safer than existing concealed weapons detection systems.



Wave Penetration (Clothes/Bags) Lower Frequency = Better Penetration Higher Frequency = Less Penetration
Transmission Range Longer Shorter
Needs FCC License No Yes
Public Perception Open to WiFi Health Concerns