Market Opportunity

01 ••••• Who We Are

Preemptive Security Solutions

The growing global security market is in need of solutions that are accurate, safe, and preventative rather than reactive. In most cases of public attacks, first responders must take action after an attack is underway, forcing them to resort to lethal weapons such as firearms. First Responder Technologies takes a multi-pronged approach to threat detection and response, powered by cutting-edge technology.

02 ••••• Global Security Market

The Market Opportunity

The Global Security Market is estimated to reach USD $532 Billion by 2022 1

First Responder ’s innovative weapons detection products can be implemented across all vertical markets within the Global Explosives and Weapons Detection Systems Market, including:

  • Aviation Security
  • Maritime Security
  • Land Transportation
  • Security
  • Secured Perimeters & Buildings
  • Public Venue Security

03 ••••• WiFi Detection Device

Faster to Market

First Responder’s patent pending WiFi Detection Device reduces health hazards to civilians and has a less complicated regulatory approval process, as WiFi operates in unlicensed spectrum. It is faster, easier to deploy and safer than existing concealed weapons detection systems

04 ••••• WiFi Detection Device

Competitive Advantage

With its patent pending WiFi Concealed Weapons Detection Device, First Responder aims to significantly rival or displace the existing multibillion-dollar Millimeter Wave (MMW) detection device market.

05 ••••• New Verticals

Short Acting Pepper Spray

First Responder Technologies, in partnership with National Institute of health (NIH), has developed a patent pending Short Acting Pepper Spray and pepper spray antidote to mitigate the health and safety risks associated with pepper spray exposure.


A patent pending Short Acting Pepper Spray that offers first responders a less lethal use of force option in the line of duty and eliminates the need for first responders to monitor subjects in the case of adverse responses.


First Responder is also developing a First Aid formula for treating pepper spray exposure, to be marketed to additional first responders (paramedics, emergency room).

Market Opportunity
With its Short Acting Pepper Spray product and pepper spray antidote, First Responder Technologies will re-establish pepper spray as a preferred non-lethal response to public security threats.
Short Acting
Pepper Spray
A short duration pepper spray that reduces the need for first responders to resort to lethal weapons such as firearms, tasers, and batons - which can lead to permanent bodily harm or death.
Pepper Spray Features
Patent pending formula can be incorporated into a spray, aerosol or other dispersions. Reduces potential agency liability or officer liability in cases of individual adverse response.